Friday, July 22, 2011


Our family has alot of AUGUST BIRTHDAYS coming up. Mine is on the first so I am first in line. Then comes my daughter on the 5th, she will be 14. . .my mother on the 10th and my "little brother" on the12th. .. he wil be 30-something. .lol! (who remembers THAT t.v. show??)
Then we have some friends who are also in August. . . a total of 5 others bringing the grand total of August birthdays to 9!
WOW . ..Augustt is a busy month. . . .I may or may not be playing with PSP . . (OF course I will! )

(Bithday well-wishes greatly accepted)

Thursday, April 14, 2011


2 new ones for you all. Hope you enjoy them!

Get them HERE and HERE

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well. . .I usually dont do things like this but I think you all deserve to know why I may not be around very much. . .

This weekend was really bad and not due to the last uspset we had. . .

We had a friend staying with us for awhile, he was a very nice, sweet 21 year old kid. He was like a bigh brother to our daughter and we had known him since he was 14.

His family background and history are not the best so we were his hope of getting out of a bad situation so he could get ahold of his life.

Everything had been going really nice, he would take our dog out for 2 walks a day and she grew very attached to him

A couple of weeks ago things kind of started to change. He wasn't smiling and wasn't as chipper as he used to be, he didn't help our daughter in the game that we play (World of Warcraft) even when she asked for help he said he would but would then mysteriously end up in anoter group in a dungeon doing something else.

Well . . .Saturday night while we were all in bed except for him and my husband. . .we heard these loud thumps and I asked my daughter what that noise was. We heard them again and I got out of bed and came downstairts to hear yelling and I find him beating up on my husband accusing him of stealing a hard drive out of machine! Now. . .this was totally uncalled for. . .. the kid had the phone cause at that moment my husband kicked him out. He called his stepdad to come get him and all his stuff but when they arrived (he came with 4 of his friends), he stood at our door and threatend my husband saying that if he had a gun he would shoot him in the face and our dog too if he didn't keep it away from him and that this was the second time we had interfered with his family.

I have no idea what the first thing was. . .but like I said we knew this guy when he was 14 and he stayed with us a little while then too to get out of the house he was in.

His step dad is a loose cannon who beats on kids and women. . .I am amazed that his mother stays with him. . . .well. .not really if she is scared. . .

but anyway . . that was our weeked. . . we are all walking around like Zombies atm. . . .not really believing that this happened,. He will never be allowed back in our house. . and we are cutting all ties with them. This was our LAST straw. . .

They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Well. . maybe this will make us stronger. . . .cause I think we had evil living in our house.

Keep us in your prayers and thoughts. .I will be around. . .maybe in a few more months I will be creaive again. . . .

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Things on the homefront have been pretty intense. This is why I have not done anything lately.
In February our daughter was let go from school due to finacial problems and having been absent too much.
We were not going to tell husband/dad until Easter Vacation hit (which is this coming week) because we knew he would be upset.
Well he found out before we were ready to tell him and the s*&t hit the fan.
She is back in school now though with the promise from him that when our taxes come in he will pay the shcool what we owe them.
He thinks I was ruining our finances so I am now banned from any purchases for awhile.
Needless to say things are not exactly good.
So Ihave not created anything in a looonnngggg time. I am sorry.
I hope to be back sometime. . . .but one can never tell. . . .
  . . . . . . to be continued . . . . . . .