Monday, July 20, 2009

NEW for dollers. .. .


Made some bald ones so you can add hair. . . .some are in PSD layers. . . .so the hair won't be hidden inside clothes

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Poser up! A bellydancer. . .my passion in real life.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A body for You to play with

I work with Ilona's FTU poser bodies and Hairs from Renderocities. They are wonderful. Like playing with virtual Paper Dolls! or Virtual Barbies. . and I LOVE my Barbies! (ok. . my daughters barbies. . but I bought them so I could play with them too!)

Here is one. . trying to see how this works too. . .

This is the lady in purple at the side bar by the Jukebox

Friday, July 3, 2009

WHO are the Hard Rock Sugar Chicks?

The Hard Rock Sugar Chicks. . . .

After I told the story to my daughter I thought to myself, "That sounds like the name of an all girl rock band".

Well my daughter and I play Barbies together. I think I am the only mom in the world that plays Barbies with her daughter!

Anyway. . after I told my daughter the story we decided to have our Barbies make a rock band. . .and we called them the "Hard Rock Sugar Chicks"!

History of the Hard Rock Sugar Chicks

A long time ago when my daughter was about 3, she had these little easter marchmellow chicks. .you know. .the PEEPS?
Well she thought they were cute . . .and REAL. . . so she didn't want to eat them. . she wanted to save them!
So we put them in a plastic bag and saved them for a long time.
One day we came across them again and found they were as hard as ROCKS!

I was retelling the story to her one day a few months ago and I inadvertantly said, "They were Hard rock sugar chicks" and that is how that came to be.

But there's More. . . .